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Explore a collection of interviews, projects, and exhibition catalogues featuring SI-LA-GI. Gain deeper insight into his work and philosophy.

In-Depth Interview with SI-LA-GI by János Kurdy-Fehér (2023)

In this interview by János Kurdy-Fehér, SI-LA-GI shares insights on his global experiences, Buddhist influences, and unique artistic philosophy. Dive into the world of an artist who seamlessly blends Eastern and Western influences in his compelling works.

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Koans Exhibition: SI-LA-GI & Tawan Wattuya (2014)

On Wednesday the 5th of February 2014, "KOANS Exhibition" was held at Tang Contemporary Art Gallery in Silom Galleria in Bangkok (Thailand). What's special about this contemporary art exhibition...

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SI-LA-GI's Controversial Act at Ludwig Museum Exhibition (2014)

At the exhibition titled "Anarchy. Utopia. Revolution.", one of the artists, SI-LA-GI, illegally repainted his own work to generate a dialogue about the relationship between art and revolution. According to the museum's director and the exhibition's curator, Julia Fabényi, the action is nothing but infantile vandalism...

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SI-LA-GI: HVG Magazine Interview (2014)

Discover the extraordinary life journey of the Artist SI-LA-GI (Szabolcs Szilágyi), from encounters with music legends to Buddhist monasteries...

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SI-LA-GI: Secret Areas Interview (2013)

Read SI-LA-GI's interview with Secret Areas magazine. Discover the daily rituals, influences, and philosophy of the artist, from Buddhism to art creation...

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SI-LA-GI's Studio in Budapest

These exclusive photos from Secret Areas magazine offer a rare window into the eclectic, energetic studio where SI-LA-GI's visions take form. The studio serves as a sacred workspace, laboratory, and archive, reflecting SI-LA-GI's multifaceted path of self-discovery through art...

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From Zero to Zero, and Back (2012)

Text and videos from the exhibition at the Gallery Exhibition House in Budapest. Uncover the contemporary artist's critique of materialism and exploration of artistic value.

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"Apology" by SI-LA-GI | Conceptual Art on European History

The basic idea of the work is extremely simple: on a board with a careful graphic design, along with historical dates, there is an alphabetical list of European countries that have had serious political or armed conflicts with one another in the past century—with the countries apologizing to each other for the aggression, regardless of the extent to which they were responsible for the problem, the damages suffered, the lives destroyed...

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Beru Khyentse Rinpoche & SI-LA-GI | "Roaring Lions" (2007)

Large-scale creation by hungarian contemporary artist SI-LA-GI and Buddhist master Beru Khyentse Rinpoche.

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SI-LA-GI: Art as Meditation | Interview by Bencsík Barnabás

Read SI-LA-GI's thoughts on Buddhist influences in his work. Learn how the artist views creation as a spiritual practice and a form of communication...

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SI-LA-GI: "The Game Is Over" Installation (2002)

YOU ARE COWARDS. You routinely manufacture pictures without wishing to face anything about yourselves or the world. You waste the opportunities life presents in the hope of gaining fleeting success and wealth. You repeat your own ostentatious platitudes. Your ignorance should encourage you to step unto unfamiliar territory so that even at the cost of making mistakes you can become acquainted with what is personal but hidden before you, so that you can discover it, that which is within you. Do not be afraid of erring. Stutter rather than lie fluently. The game is over...

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Happiness and Suffering Are Similar, Both Transitory

An old woman is sitting in a red dressing gown with a white print in a hospital room, in front of the supper she has begun. On her face, the comical New Year’s mask apparently constitutes a grotesque contrast to her situation of human tragedy: the rapid progress of aging and disease and the commencing disintegration of the body. As if alarmed by the threatening present, in her bewilderment she snatches at past joys and intimate games through her memories...

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French Art Critic Pierre Restany on SI-LA-GI's Art (2000)

Acclaimed French art critic Pierre Restany was struck by how SI-LA-GI's works, from his underwater fountain installation to photographic sequences, function not as finished aesthetic objects but as provocations - "means of communication" that intrigue viewers to discover deeper messages about human existence. Szabolcs Szilágyi's pieces provide "signals" and "neoprimitive rites" that align with today's interconnected world of diverse media sharing ideas transcending national boundaries. For Restany, the Hungarian artist represented the vanguard of an "extremely interesting age" where art's purpose is to catalyze new perspectives and connections...

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Historical Exhibition catalogues (199X - 200X)

New Art from Hungary

Radford University Museum, USA), 2006

Download the catalogue

Traum vom denken / Álom a gondolkozásról

Galerie de Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 1996

Download the catalogue

Mirrors of the void – Time making / Az üresség tükrei

Galerie de Luxembourg, Luxembourg, 1993

Download the catalogue

United Senses of Art

Ernest Museum, Hungary, 1991

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Conversation with Andy Warhol (1985)

In this 1985 New York City conversation, artists SI-LA-GI and Andy Warhol discuss the nature of creativity and the art world. This conversation explores artistic philosophies and practices. SI-LA-GI discusses his approach to art and the importance of constant innovation, while Warhol adds his perspectives on presentation and creativity. Art historian Lorand Hegyi Land's analysis frames this dialogue, highlighting the evolving and multifaceted nature of art as viewed by these two artists...

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